Elidor Health Growing Health Series containing Biotin (vitamin H) in order for hairs to grow healthy, gain stretchiness and obtain brightness in its formula add a new dimension to hair care.

Elidor, for hair growing 1.3 centimetres every month, changes and glamorizes women with its more model alternatives in the new series. Elidor, loved most in Turkey, gives an opportunity for you to have, stretched, lush, bright hair that gains strength as growing and provides a possibility that you can use your hair however you want. Elidor, innovative brand of hair care products, announces its formula of strong, well-cared and healthy growing hair to the women by its new product. Thanks to Biotin complex (vitamin H) it contains, it helps hairs growing to 1.3 cm every month in a healthy, strong and stretched way and nourishes hair from top to the end with its new formula. Thus, women can try different hair modals while growing their hair healthily. New Elidor Healthy Growing Hair Series provides a healthier image in a short time thanks to its shampoo and hair care products.

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