Turkey’s most important hair dye and hair care brand Neva Kozmetik makes the hair healthier preventing hair’s wearing out

Neva Kozmetik’s special collection Nevacare Nutritive products will make your hair shinier and more durable during summer time. The 2 phased urgent liquid hair cream in the collection will make your hair brushed easily and thanks to Nevacare Glossing Serum with special formula that will provide strength to you hair, you can protect your hair against the negative effects of sea and sun. On the one hand, we want summer to come quickly and go on a diet and prepare ourselves even with our hair color. On the other hand, we are worried thinking of negative effects of sun, our skin which will be wore off by salty water and chlorine of the pool. Turkey’s most important hair dye and hair care brand Neva Kozmetik makes the hair healthier by preventing wearing off during summer with Nevacare Nutritive products. With Neva Kozmetik’s, which claims that in the summer months, during which the hair is worn off the most, the hair needs more attention and care, products you can both repair your worn out hair and prevent wearing off against sea and sun with a couple of applications every day in the shower and before having a blow dry.


A few drops of NEVACARE NUTRITIVE Repair Glossing Serum after having shower and before blow dry, will protect your hair which is shaped under high heat against wearing off and bring silky looks to your hair. NEVACARE NUTRITIVE Repair 2 Phased Urgent Care Liquid Hair Cream is softening, moisturizing and shining your fuzzy hair in the shower and after hair dying process with
its special formula containing Provitamin B5. Helps to loose daglock and fuzzy hair… Reducing split ends, it protects the hair from chemical products and heat of the dry blow.

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